Wedding Cake Questions to Ponder


Hi I’m Karen Cross, I do most of the wedding cakes here at 3 C’s. I have been doing cakes since 2005 with increasing difficulty in concepts and designs.

Here are a list of questions and points to ponder in regards to the wedding cake, these things make designing your cake more personalized.

  • What are you wedding colors? (Do you want them incorporated into the wedding cake?)
  • What are the flowers you’ve chosen for your wedding? (colors and Names of flowers are important should you choose to have me make them out of sugar)
  • Do you have any pictures of cakes you have seen that you like? Even if it is several different pictures of 1 element you would like to have done, Inspiration pictures are great.
  • Do you want to have a cake topper of any kind? If so is it a figurine or a pick style? Is it heavy?
  • Is there anything in display for the wedding you want reproduced in sugar? (for example, Wedding dress designs, themes, Lace, Buttons, Monograms…. etc)

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